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USA Fishing : USA: 15-year-old angler emulates veteran's success

on 2011/1/17 15:42:19 (810 reads)

Veteran anglers should always be on their best behavior. They never know what impressionable youths might be watching. Take, for example, the latest duo of big bass from O.H. Ivie Reservoir.

Ivie is a 19,000-acre West Texas lake in Concho and Runnels counties, east of San Angelo, not far from Ballinger. This is a dusty part of Texas better known for great hunting than great fishing, but Ivie is steadily making a name for itself, thanks largely to the Gayle family.

On Dec. 15, Bobbie Gayle of Millersview caught the first Toyota ShareLunker of the season from O.H. Ivie. ShareLunkers are largemouth bass weighing 13 pounds or more that anglers donate for spawning at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center near Athens.

Gayle's catch put her in a sports club more exclusive than the Dallas Cowboys' Ring of Honor. The big bass was her third entry into the ShareLunker program. Only four other anglers (Richard McCarty, Roy Greer, Bill Lozano and Jim Gore) have contributed three ShareLunkers.

Gayle was the only woman to catch two lunkers, and now she's the only woman with three. Her husband and personal fishing guide, Butch Gayle, has only one ShareLunker, but it weighed 14.58 pounds and was the lake record until last year.

A three-lunker career run is a big deal for anybody, but the Gayle family's glory days of bass fishing occurred in 2000. That year, Bobbie caught a ShareLunker on Feb. 3, Butch caught his 14.58-pounder on Feb. 9 and their friend, Barbara Sparks of Carlsbad, N.M., caught another ShareLunker on Feb. 17 while fishing with the Gayles.

That's three bass of more than 13 pounds from the same boat in 15 days. Last year, O.H. Ivie got hot again, producing 11 ShareLunker entries, two on the program's final day. With 18 ShareLunkers, Ivie ranks fourth behind Lake Fork (246), Alan Henry (25) and Sam Rayburn (23).

Given the Texas history of big bass, it's unlikely that any lake will ever match Fork, but O.H. Ivie could easily work its way into second place, and it could happen this spring.

The Gayles are famous for using live bait to tempt big bass, and that news flash wasn't lost on Nathan Peña-Alfaro, 15, of Benbrook. The sophomore at Western Hills was fishing at O.H. Ivie with his family on Jan. 1.

He had done his homework and knew that Bobbie Gayle used a live sunfish to catch her December whopper, so he had a live sunfish on his hook, fishing about 15 feet deep, when he felt a tug on his line.

"I feel this tug and I think I'm stuck because it was just moving slowly with it [the bait]," he said. "All of a sudden my rod tip just went straight down and I started reeling and set the hook. She tail-danced probably 30 feet away, and we didn't think it was that big. Then she came into about 20 feet away and tail-danced again, and we realized the size she was."

The bass weighed 13.59 pounds and was certified by Texas Parks and Wildlife as a junior record for O.H. Ivie and also a junior state record for public waters. It's not the biggest Texas bass caught by a youth angler. In 1993, before junior records were kept, Chris Leslie, 13, of Emory, caught a 14.27-pounder from Fork.

The ShareLunker program remains open through April. To report a catch, call David Campbell at 903-681-0550 or page him at 1-888-784-0600 and leave a phone number, including the area code.

There were 33 bass bigger than 13 pounds reported caught last season, including two of more than 16 pounds, three of more than 15 pounds and five of more than 14 pounds. ... 0dnsposasser.246a0ed.html

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Europe Hunting : UK: Man, 77, hurt as horse falls on top of him during hunt

on 2011/1/17 15:37:24 (645 reads)

Charles Williamson, who is from the Mid Suffolk area, suffered a fractured pelvis and abdominal injuries in the accident in Whatfield, near Hadleigh, shortly after 2pm, on Saturday.

Mr Williamson, a member of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, was airlifted to hospital by the air ambulance after the accident and last night his condition was said to be “stable”.

He is due to undergo surgery for his injuries at the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital today. James Buckle, who was 
master of the hunt on the day, said: “We were just standing in a heap and his horse went up on his front legs and went over backwards.

“It is very sad and we are all upset about it. He is a lovely guy who has been hunting all his life. It was only the second day he had been hunting this season.

“He is a very popular member of the hunt and we wish him a very speedy recovery.”

Because of the isolated location of the accident, the East Anglian Air Ambulance was called out to help the patient.

The helicopter Anglia Two arrived on the scene at 2.33pm. The clinical crew of Dr Troels Hansen and East of England critical care 
paramedic Jemma Varela administered fluid therapy and applied splints to the patient, before he was flown to Ipswich Hospital.

The aircraft, piloted by captain Chris Sherriff, arrived at the hospital at 3.08pm.

Mr Williamson has now been transferred to the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital.

The Essex and Suffolk Hunt dates back to the 18th Century and members take part in regular hunts across the Suffolk countryside. 
Its kennels are based near Hadleigh. ... _him_during_hunt_1_775953

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Europe Hunting : UK: Hunt enthusiasts outfox ban with new quarry

on 2011/1/17 15:34:08 (745 reads)

IDEN, England: Six years after hunting with dogs was banned in Britain, a pack of hounds is in full cry across a swathe of semi-rural East Sussex, in southern England, urged on by a huntsman and riders resplendent in hunting habit.

Somewhere up ahead is their quarry - limping slightly and straining every sinew to throw the hounds off the scent.

The Hunting Act, which became law in 2005, made it illegal to use dogs to hunt foxes. It also protects some other mammals, such as hares, mice and mink. But not men.
Advertisement: Story continues below

Several pink-cheeked and puffing humans are now scrambling through hedgerows of hawthorn and wild rose, plunging into icy irrigation ditches and labouring across ploughed fields that are sodden with just-thawed snow.

This is a manhunt.

And although he started the day nursing a sore knee, 54-year-old Andy Kay and his fellow runners are putting up a fine chase, pausing occasionally to listen for the hounds in pursuit or to pull brambles from their hair.

This fit crew of three men and two women, given a half-hour head start, is maintaining an exhilarating lead over the hounds, which begin to emit an eerie bay as they lollop purposefully along behind, noses to the ground.

The Coakham Hunt began ''hunting men for fun,'' as its website boasts, well before fox hunting became illegal.

The co-founder of the Coakham, Nigel Budd, decided to develop a sport that ''would combine all the arts of venery together with a controllable quarry'': a human being.

But humans can't match the distinctive whiff of a fox, which tickles the olfactory fancy of the foxhound, so Mr Budd formed his pack from dogs that had been bred for generations to track people: bloodhounds.

Not every casual onlooker recognises this manhunt for what it is; some fear a fox's life could be at stake. Occasionally, says Sally Mack, joint master of the hunt, a passing car will slow, the window winds down, and a figure leans out.

''Murderers!'' the driver shouts.

''But we're not planning to kill Andy,'' says Ms Mack.

There's a spirit of gentle gibes between horsemen and quarry, though some family scores could be settled: one mounted mother is hunting down her adult daughter (''Hurry up, Holly!'' the parent cries) and a teenage girl is after her father.

For the runners, a surge of adrenalin comes with hearing the hounds on their heels. And on this dank day, they warm to the thrill of being chased.

With home - and tea - in sight the runners drop to a walk, but suddenly the baying sounds ominously close.

It's unavoidable now, this moment that hounds live for: the kill. But there is more slobber than blood to the encounter, more danger of being knocked over by wet paws than from the dogs' slavering jaws, which are soon crunching on dog biscuits that the runners scatter on the ground.

''We don't want them to get too much of a taste for blood,'' Ms Mack says from her horse, a smile flitting across her face. ... uarry-20110114-19r8h.html

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Africa Hunting : Tunisia: Swedish hunters attacked in Tunisia

on 2011/1/17 15:30:41 (635 reads)

STOCKHOLM Jan 16 (Reuters) - A group of Swedes on a hunting trip in Tunisia were attacked on Sunday in the capital Tunis, which has been in chaos since the ouster of longtime President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali two days ago.

The 13 men were set upon by locals as they got out of taxis at their hotel and were attacked.

After the assault, they were taken to a police station, where the authorities realised a mistake had been made, said a representative of the company which arranged the trip.

"It was not the police who attacked them, but a mob which attacked when they were getting out of their taxi, they had 10 metres (feet) to go to their hotel," Inger Eckhardt, one of the owners of the Swedish Hunting Trips company, told Swedish public radio.

The men had come to Tunisia a week ago to hunt wild boars. They had come back into town after their flight had been cancelled and that was when they were attacked.

"No one is injured to the extent that they need to go to hospital, they are a little bruised. They are all sitting down at the police station under police protection. The police have promised them an escort and a hotel," she added.

The correspondent for Swedish Television in Tunis said the men had been attacked as people believed they were some kind of militia as they were carrying weapons' cases.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry said it was looking into the incident. It had earlier issued a travel warning about Tunisia, advising people against going there due to the unrest.

Eckhardt told Swedish radio that the hunters had arrived in Tunisia a week ago when the situation was less tense. (Reporting by Patrick Lannin; Editing by Jon Boyle)

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USA Fishing : USA: Texas Youth Reels in Record Largemouth Bass

on 2011/1/11 15:32:41 (888 reads)

Nathan Peña-Alfaro did not expect to catch a Toyota ShareLunker when he went fishing with his family at O.H. Ivie Reservoir New Year's weekend, much less a fish that would garner him two junior angler records.

Click to see original Image in a new window

The 13.59-pound largemouth bass he landed became the new water body record for O.H. Ivie and the new junior angler state record for largemouth bass caught from public waters as well as Toyota ShareLunker 506.

A video interview with Peña-Alfaro is at

Peña-Alfaro's catch was not the largest ever landed by a junior angler in Texas. In 1993, Chris Leslie, age 13, of Emory caught a 14.27-pound bass from Lake Fork, but at that time separate records were not kept for junior anglers.

In 2007 Jesse Roberson, age 9, of Goldthwaite caught the current junior angler record for private waters, a 15.54-pounder from Lake Merritt.

Peña-Alfaro, a student at Western Hills High School in Benbrook, attributes his catch to the fact that he did his research before going fishing. "We heard they were catching big fish from O.H. Ivie on live sunfish," he said. Bobbie Gayle of Millersview used a live sunfish to catch the season's first Toyota ShareLunker, also from O.H. Ivie, on December 15, 2010.

Both fish were caught from about 15 feet of water.

Researchers with rods and reels might want to take notice.

The Toyota ShareLunker Program is made possible by a grant to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation from Gulf States Toyota. Toyota is a long-time supporter of the Foundation and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, providing major funding for a wide variety of education, fish, parks and wildlife projects. ... argemouth-bass-48513.aspx

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USA Fishing : USA: North Carolina striped bass record broken twice in one week

on 2011/1/11 15:29:08 (771 reads)

Apparently the North Carolina fishing record for striped bass was broken last week at Oregon Inlet. Then, it was broken again.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Believe it or not, two NC state record stripers were decked in some furious striper fishing at Oregon Inlet last week.

On Wednesday a striped bass weighing 63 pounds was caught by 12-year-old Stephen Furlough while fishing with guide Charles Haywood aboard the boat Rigged Up just outside of Oregon Inlet.

The feel-good story of young Stephen’s catch lasted only two days, however, as on Friday angler Keith Angel pulled in a 64-pound striped bass while fishing with guide Devin Cage on The Poacher.

Both of the huge stripers were weighed in at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center where the paperwork was filled out for the state records.

Young Furlough indicated he wanted his fish mounted, while Angel wanted the paperwork processed fast so his fish could be filleted.

"I'm taking it home to eat!" said Angel.

According to Cage, the big striper Angel caught hit a blue-headed lure trolled on a parachute rig.

"There was another lure on that rig, and Keith also had a fish hooked on it," said Cage. "The second fish weighed about 15 pounds, so he was fighting 79 pounds of striper all at the same time.

Angel's 64-lb striped bass measured 53 1/4 inches in length and 33 3/4 inches in girth.

"I thought the fish (Furlough) caught a couple days before might remain the state record for 20 years," Cage said. "Now, after Angel's fish, and seeing how many monster stripers are out there, the 64-pounder might not hold up for a week."

The previous record NC striped bass was a 62-pounder taken at Oregon Inlet in 2005. The world record striped bass is a 78 ½ lb fish caught in Atlantic City, NJ in 1982. ... ord-broken-twice-one-week

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Europe Hunting : Sweden mulls tougher laws against illegal wolf hunting

on 2011/1/11 15:24:12 (781 reads)

Stockholm - The Swedish government wants 'tougher' legislation against illegal hunting of wolves, Environment Minsiter Andreas Carlgren said Monday, on the eve of this year's licensed wolf hunt.

During the month-long hunt that opens Saturday, hunters will be allowed to shoot 20 wolves.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has estimated that between 25 and 35 wolves are killed illegally each year.

In an op-ed article Carlgren observed that illegal hunting was 'extensive' but only a few cases are brought to justice. A gross offence, as is always the case in illegal wolf hunting, carries a jail term of between six months and four years.

Carlgren later told Swedish radio news that legislation planned to be in place by 2012 would allow police to search hunting cabins and vehicles if they suspect illegal hunting is being planned.

'At present they have to wait until the crime has been carried out (to do so),' he added.

Last year the licensed quota was 27 wolves, when the Scandinavian country held its first licensed wolf hunt in four decades.

Conservationists have criticized the decision to allow a second licensed hunt, saying it threatened an endangered species.

There are believed to be around 200 wolves in Sweden. ... inst-illegal-wolf-hunting

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USA Hunting : USA: Guided duck hunt set for women

on 2011/1/11 15:20:20 (692 reads)

A Becoming an Outdoors-Woman duck hunt will be held Friday and Saturday at the Williams Wilderness Unlimited Property in Colusa County.

The hunt is for women who want to learn to duck hunt or are just beginning and want some excellent instruction. Wilderness Unlimited has partnered with BOW, California to offer a guided duck hunt for 10 women. Two hunters will hunt with a professional guide and dog. Shotguns, ammunition, waders and boots will be provided.

The hunt is limited to 10 participants and the cost is $200.

Participants will meet at the club house between 4-5 p.m. for dinner Friday evening, sleep at the RV park in one of the trailers, and rise early Saturday morning to get out to the blinds. A continental breakfast will be provided. Participants will need their hunting license with both the state and federal duck stamps. Sign up on line at or call Susan Herrgesell at (530) 347-0227 for more information.

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Asia Hunting : Pakistan: Hunting ibexes and blue sheep

on 2011/1/17 15:40:25 (796 reads)

At least eight hunters have come to Gojal valley in search of ibexes and blue sheep in the past three months. The local communities received hefty payments from the hunts, which included Pakistani and foreign hunting parties, according to locals.

Click to see original Image in a new window

“Five of the hunters were Americans while one was from Mexico. All of them made successful hunts in the mountains of upper Hunza and Gojal,” said Asif Khan, the outfitter who organised the hunters’ visits in the region. He said one of the hunters was Pakistani while the other was an Arab.

The ibex is a species whose population has increased over the past few years and crossed the “danger limit” due to efforts by international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), World Wildlife Fund for Nature and the Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) Forest Department.

The trophy hunting programme was initiated in G-B in the 1980s. Every foreign hunter has to pay a fee of US$3,000 to the Government of Pakistan, while Pakistanis pay Rs180,000 to indulge in what Asif Khan called “a sport of kings”.

One of the significant features of the trophy hunting programme is that 80 per cent of the hunting fee goes to the local community while the government spends the remaining 20 per cent on projects meant for the welfare of forests and biodiversity.

The communities use their share on projects aimed at conserving natural resources. The funds are allocated by committees trained by various NGOs in accounts, planning and management.

“Most projects are aimed at conserving wildlife and forests and are carried out with that money,” said Ghulam Mustafa, a conservation expert from Hunza.

The blue sheep is a more expensive hunt than ibexes with a hunting fee of $12,000. The cost of markhor is even higher, at $55,000 a hunt.

Wildlife experts say that the rarer a species is, the higher its cost, and the markhor, which is near extinction outside of Pakistan, is the rarest of all.

Asif Khan said an American woman named Mary killed two Ibexes in Gulkin valley last week. He said that the first hunt of this winter was by another US national, Dave, who killed two Ibexes in Shimshal and one Blue Sheep in Sost in November.

A forest officer in Gilgit said that an international hunter who had paid a $55,000 hunting fee to hunt Markhor in Gilgit will make another attempt if his first attempt fails.

Most animals in Sakwar valley have perched higher this season due to less snowfall. The officer said hunters will make further attempts when snow falls on the peaks in Gilgit.

But there is a caveat. The hunting season overlaps with the mating season of these animals, according to experts. They say winter is mating season for these species and snowfall forces them to come down for food and water, making them easy targets for hunters.

While the blue sheep and ibex are under no threat of extinction, markhor are less fortunate. ... ction-hunted-nonetheless/

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USA Hunting : USA: 17-year old still missing on Ocean Pond

on 2011/1/17 15:36:33 (621 reads)

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) – Emergency crews and dive teams have been searching Ocean Pond in Lake Park since Saturday afternoon for 17-year-old James Eunice.

There is still no sign the Valdosta high senior who fell into the Lowdnes County lake around 2 p.m. Saturday while duck hunting.

Helicopters from Moody Air Force Base were in the air, and divers from the sheriff's office were in and on the water.

A number of his classmates showed up at the search site to be with the family.

Rescuers say the water temperature is hampering the search.

"Water temperature is about 45 degrees so it presents some special challenges to dive in that colder water," said Lt. Stryde Jones, Lowdnes Co. Sheriff's Office.

"James is a top notch student at Valdosta High School, a member of the IB program very outgoing and athletic," said Jennifer Steedley, Valdosta City Schools Dir. of Public Relations.

The search will continue until they find Eunice.

Valdosta High is closed on Monday, Tuesday counselors will be available to help students cope with the ongoing search for their classmate.

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USA Hunting : USA: More women set sights on thrill of the hunt

on 2011/1/17 15:32:29 (968 reads)

Slowly but surely, women are discovering that deer hunting isn't just a man's game.

Between 2004 and 2009, the number of women hunting with firearms jumped 50%, from 2 million to 3 million, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Bowhunting women climbed from 500,000 to 800,000, and female target shooters increased from 4.3 million to 4.7 million. Dates for 2010 were unavailable.

Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Melissa Johnson moved to Milton, Fla., two years ago with her husband and daughters, now 4 and 10 years old.

Last year, she decided to give hunting a try. She'd watched her husband prepare for a hunt.

"When I watched him shoot his bow, I was like, 'Whoa, that's cool,' " said Johnson, 30.

Her first time out, she killed a 125-pound hog. She went on to shoot three deer in her first season.

She's been hooked ever since.

She now hunts at every opportunity and has even brought her daughters along.

"They love to hunt. They're glued to the windows looking for animals," Johnson said.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Melissa Johnson of Milton, Fla., hunts from a tree stand while deer hunting in Santa Rosa County. Slowly but surely, women are discovering that deer hunting isn't just a man's game. Between 2004 and 2009, the number of women hunting with firearms jumped 50%.

"I think it makes them well rounded. I have friends who won't take their kids anywhere. But to me, that's quality time. I'm teaching them the way I want them to grow up."

The thrill

Johnson said she prefers hunting with a bow. High-powered rifles and telescopic scopes allow hunters to shoot deer from hundreds of yards away, almost like a video game.

But with a bow, she's limited to 30 yards, max. That's a football pass. It's close enough to hear deer snort and see their nostrils flare.

And it's close enough for the deer to hear and see you.

"If they get one whiff of you or they see any movement, it's over. They're out of there," Johnson said.

There's nothing quite like the excitement of watching a deer walk closer and closer, slowly coming into range, she said.

"You think they're going to hear your heart pounding," Johnson said.

The stigma

Johnson hasn't yet met any other women on her hunting grounds north of Milton.

She suspects many women are deterred by the stigma attached to hunters.

"There's this preconceived notion that if you're going to go hunting you're some kind of crazy redneck," she said.

But that stigma seems to be going away.

Molino, Fla., resident Viki Dillashaw, 40, who works as a cashier and customer service rep at Mike's Outdoor Sports, said she has been hunting "since I was old enough to climb up in my grandpa's truck seat."

But she said, for the most part when she was growing up, fathers took their sons hunting and daughters stayed home with their mothers.

"That's just the way it was," she said.

Now, she said, "I'm starting to see a lot of families bringing the girls out, and that's a good thing. Girls who are older, who have heard hunting stories from their fathers and grandfathers, their interest starts to pick up once they start dating a guy that hunts."

She also said hunting clubs and outreach programs, such as the National Wild Turkey Federation's "Women in the Outdoors," have done a lot to attract women to the sport.

"I'm tickled to death that women are starting to get out there," she said.

Stan Butler, manager of Mike's Outdoor Sports, said a few Internet searches and a visit to a local hunting shop would be good first steps for women interested in hunting.

"We get the question all the time, 'Where is there to hunt around here?'" he said. "Come into a shop, such as ours, talk to some of the guys, and try to get some insight into how to get started."

Johnson and Dillashaw struggled to describe what they enjoy most about hunting. They insisted it's not just about shooting animals, noting that they come back empty-handed more often than not.

No, there's something else, something many nonhunters don't understand, something almost spiritual. Being out there in nature — tuned in with nature.

"It's really hard to describe why we do what we do," Dillashaw said. "We don't always go out here and kill something.

"It's going out there in the peace and quiet. No ringing phones. No television. You just blank everything out. Then you're there in nature looking at what God created." ... -hunters_N.htm?csp=34news

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Australia & New Zealand Fishing : Australia: Yak angler bags world record barra

on 2011/1/11 15:36:22 (729 reads)

In the wake of the devastating floods that continue to ravage south-east Queensland, comes some welcome good news from the region - in the form of a meritorious catch.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Denis Harrold (left) with his pending world record 134cm Lake Monduran barra.

In late December, legendary kayak barramundi angler Denis Harrold (and mate of Fisho's yak fishing specialist Dan Bode) landed a monster 134cm barra at Lake Monduran. The fish reportedly weighed in at 44.62kg, on officially calibrated ANSA scales. The huge barra's girth measured an incredible 107cm. The capture is currently a pending world record. If the record claim is verified, Harrold will have smashed David Powell's 1999 IGFA All Tackle barra record of 37.85kg by nearly 7kg. What's more, he did it from a kayak.

Boasting two weeks of red hot , pre-Christmas fishing action at Lake Monduran, Harrold and his 'yak fishing buddies landed dozens of barra over a metre using plastic baitfish imitations and recorded six fish over 123cm during a particularly memorable 48 hour period.

Congratulations Denis, that's a record that'll be hard to beat. ... r-bags-world-record-barra

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USA Fishing : USA: Dallas boy sets new record for Blue Catfish at Freshwater Fisheries

on 2011/1/11 15:30:49 (744 reads)

ATHENS—Ten-year-old Wyatt Ciccarelli of Dallas set two junior angler water body records for the casting pond at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) December 30.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Ciccarelli used cut bait and the rod and reel he got for Christmas to catch a 34.3-pound blue catfish that measured 43 inches in length and 34.5 inches in girth.

In addition to earning a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) big fish award, Ciccarelli also set new junior angler water body and junior angler catch-and-release water body records for Lake Zebco, TFFC's 1.5-acre casting pond.

TexasParksand Wildlife Department recognizes fishing excellence through its Angler Recognition Program. The program maintains state record lists for public and private waters and water body records for all public lakes, rivers, and bays. The program also issues certificates for other types of angler achievements.

For state and water body records, junior anglers (under 17 years of age) compete in a separate division. If a junior angler's catch beats an all-ages record, the young angler will receive recognition in both divisions.

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Australia & New Zealand Hunting : New Zealand: Police name hunter killed in glacier fall

on 2011/1/11 15:25:56 (753 reads)

Police have named the man who died while hunting near Fox Glacier on Friday as Ewan Richard Maxwell.

The 55-year-old, from Queenstown, died after he slipped and fell in a rugged mountainous area near the glacier in south Westland.

Constable Bill Parker, of Franz Josef, said Maxwell was hunting with a companion in the remote area when he lost his footing, and fell approximately 100 metres down the steep mountainside.

When the companion reached Maxwell he showed no signs of life, Parker said.

The next morning the companion was forced to tramp eight hours out to advise authorities of his friend's death.

Both hunters were "extremely experienced" and had been in the area since Tuesday.

Maxwell's body was recovered by the Solid Energy Rescue Helicopter on Saturday evening.

Police are investigating the matter on behalf of the coroner who will make a decision at a later date as to whether an inquest will be held.

His family has been notified.

Parker said police are waiting for the provisional post mortem results. ... er-killed-in-glacier-fall

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Africa Hunting : Gambia: President Jammeh gives D200, 000 to Ekun Baba Odeh Hunting Society

on 2011/1/11 15:22:34 (946 reads)

The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh has donated a cash amount of D200, 000 to the Ekun Baba Odeh Hunting Society of Banjul.

The amount was presented to the Society on behalf of the president by the vice president and minister of Women's Affairs, Aja Dr Isatou Njie-Saidy, Saturday at a presentation ceremony held at the Women’s Bureau in Banjul. The gesture was part of President Jammeh's appreciation of the Society's proactive stance in the promotion of hunting culture in The Gambia, following its’ recent cultural display in the city of Banjul.

Speaking at the ceremony, Alpha Jallow, a senior member of the Society, disclosed that they have a current membership of 176 representing all ethnic groups in The Gambia. He said they have been involved in such activities for a long time until the president in recognition of their efforts honoured him with two distinct awards, something he described as immeasurable. He thanked the Gambian leader for his support towards the promotion of different cultures in the country assuring that they will be at his disposal to showcase their culture each time they are invited.

Aunty Louis Jobe and Aunty Fatoumatta Jah alias 'Aunty Matta Matta', all women councilors in Banjul expressed similar sentiments, and both acknowledged that they know the Society very well in Banjul. Aunty Louis Jobe said that they knew about hunting in the City of Banjul when they were young but that it got to a stage when the culture started to diminish gradually. She then thanked members of the Ekun Baba Odeh Hunting Society for their proactive stance towards reviving the culture back to life. The two lady councilors equally thanked President Jammeh for promoting Gambian culture in the country.

Aja Fatou Mbaye, the chairperson of the National Women’s Council who also doubles as the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, expressed gratitude to the Society for their efforts in promoting hunting culture in Banjul, adding that culture is very important in the development of any given society. She described Gambian culture as diverse and pointed out that people usually turned out in their large numbers to celebrate the different diverse cultures in an ambiance of peace and unity. The Women's Council chair thanked VP Njie-Saidy and through her The Gambian leader for their proactive stance towards the promotion of all cultures in the country and challenged people to educate their young ones about their culture noting that the president attaches great importance to culture.

VP Njie-Saidy on behalf of the Gambian leader thanked the Society for its’ efforts in promoting hunting culture in Banjul. She said that he [President Jammeh] is committed to the promotion of culture in the country and Africa in particular citing the International Roots Homecoming Festivals and others as examples. She thanked Alpha Jallow and his group as well as for the numerous supports extended to schools in The Gambia saying the Gambian leader is appreciative of their efforts towards cultural revival, thus donating a cash sum of D200, 000 to the Society.

The vice president observed that a lot of our culture is diminishing in the country and challenged Jallow to work with the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) to establish a hunting centre in the country. She recalled that Banjul used to have a very rich and diverse culture and added that President Jammeh is committed to reviving every culture in the country. She finally urged them to involve women in their groups, as according to her, women are the custodians of culture.

Aunty Nenneh Cooker and Papa Ebou Drammeh, both of the Ekun Baba Odeh Hunting Society, also thanked President Jammeh for the gesture. Ramou Cole Ceesay, permanent secretary No. 2, Office of the Vice President chaired the ceremony. The Ekun Baba Odeh Society was founded in 1968 in Banjul. The Society, according to its’ members, adopted its culture from their then great grandparents from Sierra Leone.
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